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The tallest man on earth

September 6, 2010

I highly recommend this artist and his two albums “The wild hunt” and “Shallow grave”. His voice sounds alot like Bob Dylan, only better, and his guitar playing is superb.  Right now both albums are going on repeat on my stereo, on my portable device and in my head and functions as inspiration for my next exhibition (more info on that will come soon, really soon).

So be sure to check him out, The tallest man on earth. If you´re going to listen to one track on his myspace page, listen to “I won’t be found”. You can also buy and download the albums on

I just realised that this blog post looks alot like I am promoting and The tallest man on earth. This is of course not the case. But if, by any chance, they see this and wants to give me alot of money for mentioning them – feel free to do so… 😉

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