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Paintings & artwork

Click on the links or the pictures to view paintings from each exhibition.

Various paintings and artwork (1997-2009)

Paintings, drawings, illustrations and other art work that’s never been shown in exhibitions.

Among the work presented here is my most recent work, the album cover for a Swedish hard core band (Abhinanda). The page will also contain some work that was displayed at my very first exhibition (1997).

Disillusioned civil servant seeking happiness (2010)

Held at Galleri Kompass in Stockholm, Sweden.

Included 10 paintings telling the story of my time working for the Swedish Police.


Master of the situation (2005)

Held at the Hagman Gallery in Stockholm, Sweden.

This exhibition displayed about 15 paintings made on rusty steel plates that had been aged with time and with a little help from the weather. The idea was that the material it self had a story to tell underneath the paint.

Get drunk (2003)

Held at Hagman gallery in Stockholm, Sweden.

This exhibition contained a lot more paintings and artwork than any exhibition I’ve had. About 30 illustrations/book-art and almost 20  paintings. I also made a book for this exhibition called “Stop living, start dying“.

The titel of the exhibition was based on Charles Baudelaires poem “Get drunk”.
Some of these paintings was also displayed at Art café in Stockholm in late 2003.

Soulfood (2001)

Held at Backman art gallery in Stockholm, Sweden.

This exhibition stood out because of the change in colours used. More bright and strong colours and an absense of clear motives defined the paintings. Still no digital camera, so not many pictures from this exhibition either. I’m working on getting digital versions of the paper copies.

Anxiety etc. (2000)

Held at Medusa art gallery, in Stockholm, Sweden.

My second exhibition, with a title that is something half between a joke and being dead serious. The paintings was mainly painted in earth colours with dark themes. Unfortunately this exhibition was held before I got myself a digital camera, so there’s not many pictures to show at the moment. I’m working on getting digital versions of the paper copies.

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